Redesigning Thrift Store Finds

Redesigning Thrift Store Finds

Let’s face it, many people enjoy rummaging through second-hand shops and yard sales. You never know what you might find. And if you’re willing to take the time and effort, you can actually find a way to create a unique wardrobe on a very low budget. Redesigning thrift store finds does not have to be difficult. As you shop the second hand stores, rather than looking specifically for clothes in your size, your goal should be more toward finding garments that are made of attractive fabrics and that appeal to your personality. The plan is to be creative with the garment.

However, even though you want to be creative and bring out your own personality, it is still wise to keep up with what is in fashion and redesign your finds in ways that will keep you looking stylish at all times.

Making The Most Of Redesigning Thrift Store Finds

There are lots of ways you can do this. For example, you might find a maxi dress that is made in a wonderful print fabric. But the idea of a maxi dress may not be appealing to you. Get creative – consider what the dress would look like if you cut it off to just about the knees – or, what if you decided to turn it into a top instead of a dress?

If your problem is that you don’t sew – there some very simple solutions to that too. You can find iron on hemming tape at fabric shops. This is a great way to experiment with redesigning thrift store finds in ways to make them more fashionable.

Just as you can shorten the length of dresses, you can do the same with skirts, pants and even with sleeves. Another option for redesigning your thrift store finds is to adjust the fit of the garment. That is, consider the typical dress or blouse. In most cases these garments are not ‘fitted’ to the body. You can easily pinch in darts to make them fit your body perfectly. You can use this trick on the waists, sleeves and other areas of a dress or top.

A simple way to create a new look with a typical dress is adding a scarf or belt at the waistline. Accessories can never be overlooked – they are the finishing touch to any fashion design!

Even More Fashion Options For Redesigning Thrift Store Finds

Other redesign fashion options you might want to consider include adding unique buttons or other embellishments. For example, you could turn a plain button up top into a sexy blouse by adding some ruffles around the collar and leaving the first few buttons undone.

There’s really no limit to the possibilities. If you like to experiment with fabric and fashion you will probably enjoy these ‘projects’. And if you enjoy shopping at garage sales, second-hand shops and similar venues, why not give it a try? Redesigning thrift store finds can be fun, it can save you money, and if you’re enterprising – it could even earn you money. You could alter or redesign your finds and resale them at your own yard sale or flea market booth.

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